Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why Deep DoDo

The United States is in a tailspin.

Iraq lies and death. Deficit spending. Paying so-called journalists to publish favorable articles. Propagandists. Sell influence, and believe the 'little working people' should bear the majority of taxes.

Media organizations in bed with the administration, broadcast 'news' segments developed and produced by the government with the 'look' of a news report without informing thier viewers that it is propaganda. As in his father's time, any media report or television series that criticizes or makes a political statement unfavorable to the administration is cancelled, boycotted, or forced to be retracted. Remember Peter Arnett ?

Link TV had a series that included uneditied news reports from primarly the middle east. Given the administrations policies, it would be obvious to most intelligent people, that these policies are not popular with the majority of the residents of the Middle East. One of the reports was produced by Hezbullah, with thier slant. Israel dispatched a propagandist to the US to convince congress and anyone who would listen, that the American Public was too stupid and niave to see through the Hezbullah stories and we needed a law to ensure that our minds were not polluted with the perspective of the Hezbullah.

The administration lies and takes us to war, kill your family members and thier response is ' sorry' it was an 'intelligence error'. What I do not understand is, If Sadaam was ordered to destroy or turn over his weapons of mass destruction, and he didn't (because he didn't have any) how are we still justified in destroying the country, putting him in jail ?

How could he turn over weapons that he did not have ? Is it an international crime for a head of state to bluff about his country's capabilities ? If so, Bush should be in jail for telling America that our military will defeat an ideology, and force democracy down the throat of any Arab that resists.

They purport to be caring for life, yet thier mantra is the life or death battle against what they have covienently defined as evil. They support the troops, as long as your brother or father is doing the fighting. They want the death penalty for everyone except business executives. They support businesses that exploit workers, pollute the environment. They do not want you to be able to sue a business for pain and suffering. They call that frivilous.

For these believers,

How many more Arabs do we have to kill to convince them that we are on thier side ?